Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our Angel Baby

Baby Adrienne is not a baby anymore!

I cannot believe how fast our granddaughter is growing.
We were blessed to be able to spend yesterday with her.
We picked her up after lunch, went to the mall to see a movie.
Tooth Fairy is a very cute movie, a tab bit long for a 5 year old. Might have been better off seeing Alvin and the Chipmunks.
Never the less it was time with the baby. But she is not a baby anymore. She will be 6 in April. )o: We snuggled and shared my jacket most of the movie.
Before the movie we went to take advantage of Children's Place winter clearance of $3.99 or less. We found some cute tank tops for summer, a pair of awesome green cords... and she found the not so cheap unclearance items. She picked out her birthday outfit. A super green skort with the peace sign on the bottom, and a bright pink t-shirt with sparkly flip-flops making the peace sign. So of course she needed matching flip flops..... oh darn.
She wants a Nintendo DS for her birthday. We told Adrienne we would ask Daddy if it was okay, well, Daddy didn't say yes but he didn't say no! So birthday will go on layaway!
After movie we went to have dinner with her great garma and garpa. I know her great garma loves visiting Adrienne as much as we do. When garpa asked her what she wanted for dinner, she said "I will just share garma's." Do you not just see how special she is too me. And for her to love me so makes it all the better.
We had so much fun, she is so pretty, and so tall and so skinny. She has grown about 6 inches since June! Garpa says, "Growing up to break some hearts." We are so proud of our precious grand baby.
Guess what she did? She got all 10 spelling words right on Friday, and raised $85.00! At five and in "kid garden".....spelling words. Sounding out words and spelling. Another blessing having a good school program. I am so proud of her!
I just can't wait until March when we get her for a week.
I never knew how much a garma could love her grand baby. But I am so guilty! She is an amazing gift. God's little children he allows us to share! What an awesome God we truly have.
I thank my Father for providing this little one with stability even when living between Daddy and Mommy. She is well adjusted. This was our biggest worry. I pray she continues to blossom and becomes who God wants her to be. And accomplishes whatever she sets out to do with Gods blessing.
Thanks for reading this proud Garma's (grandmas) post for this evening.
My week is going to be great, since I started off with the "not so baby" baby!
Have a beautiful week,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week Two Weigh In

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for stopping by and checking in.
Today was my weigh in for this week.
And I dont' get the huge drum roll this week just a patter of the drums..
1 pound... yes that is ONE pound.
Total of 8 pounds which is good for 2 weeks.
I have to get exercise in! I know that will be a big boost.
Well I am closer to loosing 10 pounds in the first month then I was before.
Hope you all have a great week.
And God blesses you something special.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Operations Gods Temple

I have been challenged to post my Operation God's Temple project, why, how and what's next so here it is.... Watch for posting about the progress.

For a few months now I have been saying I have to loose weight. Be healthier, it was when we were doing the Purpose Study, it was SO clear! I am to be a Bride to God, and display His temple. Now I could be one of them big ol' Buddhist temple all plump and round but don't think that would be considered a Healthy Temple, so.....
I can have food delivered from Jenny Craig, ummm why cant I make them myself?
I can take drugs again for suppressants but that is hard on my heart and BP is high on 3 drugs already. But I knew I could convince my PCP if I tried, if not I could go to the weight loss clinic they give you anything. Well.... if I am working on God's Temple why do I want to damage it more.
I could join weight watchers, but then thinking meetings would be hard to make it to.... so another excuse to 'put it off" until I find more time.
I am sure there were many more options I thought about but lastly I was on the rope ready to jump into bypass surgery. Shoot, 2 to 6 weeks out of work? Restricted food intake ... can I make these changes on my own? Can't forget the cost, don't know if bankruptcy attorney would approve the expenses.

So in my head I decided the following. I have to do it with the help of my Faithful Father. I need to draw my strength from Him. When I falter I don't expect a bolt to zap the twinkie out of my hand, but I do expect me to slow down and talk with Him, and ask Him for the strength to continue. And I know this will happen.... I will have it.

I need to journal more, I have holiday pictures. I do need to do an about me..... and this just may be it.
I am basically taking out all white products, flour, sugar, rice
Making single pre weighed portions of everything I eat.
Remembering I do not need ice cream or dessert in bed every night at 9pm
Not eating 2nds, and trying to eat as much raw food as possible.
And praying praying lots!!!!
That is what I am doing now.
Next week I might decide I want to change what I am doing, but my will power right now is really strong! If I see results quickly it will be hard to break that power. To know that it is God's Temple I am rebuilding is an awesome focus.

If you have any recipes or secrets you would like to share let me know.
There are a few things I will not do, I will not use artificial sweeteners. If its made by chemicals it cannot be any better for you then the real thing. And those chemicals kill lab animals. I eat very few cooked veggies so its hard to eat anything not found in a salad. And have a fear of textures and smell, big gag issues. Example being yogurt... ewwww...

Blogs Blogs and ART

Good Morning,
I sure hope you make many memories this weekend.
I have BIG plans to get lots done!
Not limited to working on swaps, cleaning craft room, cooking Asian Chicken and Shrimp soup, making jello without using jello brand jello boxes but Knox gelatin and fruit juices.
I want to visit more Blogs and post art work on mine.
Check out Erika's blog, she just posted a new layout.
Erika is celebrating her Blogoversary. Stop by and say hi!
Well it is time for me to work on my BIG OL' List.
Have a blessed weekend, check back for some art!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blessed By God for the CTMH NSSS group

Good Evening,
I am so BLESSED!
This season of CTMH NSSS (Close To My Heart Not So Secret Sisters) is off to a wonderful start! Would you believe this group of Christian sisters are chatting daily? We ask for prayer request and are leaving praise reports. Having swaps and mailings, all in the 1st 3 weeks.
God sure is GREAT! He is faithful to us even when we wonder or fall a bit. He is right there to pick us up and stand us right, and continue His walk along side us.
I cannot be thankful enough for His blessings of the new group.
I prayed about continuing, and God told me LOUDLY, "Yes Rene' continue hosting." I received emails from my sisters asking if we were continuing. Knowing God's words were to be honored I said sure. I thought, what if its only the handful of us. Hey it is enough! When one or more are gathered in His name.
I posted on the Bulletin Board.... by golly if we didn't double in size!
Thank you Father for this group!
Thank you for providing us girls the strength to participate, the courage to share, and love to pass around. YOU ARE SO GOOD TO ME!
Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My friend Janell helped me get my blog working last night..
This makes me happy to have her have the patience I do not.
My friend Beth was approved for her new home in CO.
My NSSS group of CTMH and more crafters gathering to share, pray, praise and give to each other from the heart is up to 12 girls this season. And if my numbers are right ... there will be 7 of us participating in Bible Study come Feb. 1.
Both puppies are healthy.
And I weighed in yesterday for first week of Operation Healthy Temple,,,, lost 7 pounds. WOOOHOOOO.
Why should I not rejoice and give thanks to God!
Thank you Jesus!
p.s. I promise art work to come....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Oh, my now that I have a real blog!
I am so excited to share with you!
The many blessings that I have received, my creative side, and Operation God's Temple.
I am sure there will be more to blog about.
This is only the 1st post.
Thanks for visiting,