Sunday, March 14, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa's Time with Adrienne! Day 1

Good Evening,
I cannot believe how fast time goes when you are busy with a 5 year. (Soon to be 6)
We drove out to get Adrienne on Wed. and her Daddy and Stephanie came and picked her up today. She is such a great little girl. I love her dearly.
This weekend we made a "princess purse" by altering a wood purse. Adrienne chose the bling. Her purse has rhinestones, pearls, flowers, ribbon, cut outs from scrapbook paper and I am sure there is more! She painted her purse with a paint brush, we then used Modge Podge to stick everything on. I put a heavy coat of Modge Podge over everything and let dry overnight.
Here are the results.... hope you enjoy


  1. Love the butterflies!!!

  2. Hi Rene'...
    This is such a cool one for little girls!!!